the Mentors

Our speakers and mentors for past GSES Summits include:

Suzie Boss

She is a writer and educational consultant who focuses on the power of teaching and learning to improve lives and transform communities. She is the co-author of Re-inventing Project Based Learning.

Zubin Sharma

Founded Project Potential that builds model villages in rural India, by developing Village Visionaries and local entrepreneurs to turn their villages into model villages.

Debartha Banerjee

Director of Sampurn(e)arth Environment Solutions that provides end-to-end decentralized waste management solutions for both biodegradable (food waste, horticulture waste) and non-biodegradable waste.

Adrienne Thadani

Founder of Fresh and Local that aims to design, plant and maintain fruit and vegetable gardens in the urban setting of Mumbai to address problem of lack of access to organic, nutritious, fresh and locally grown food.

Aamer Hassanally

Co-founded social enterprise to provide water purification technologies to slum residents through franchised 'WaterWalla' retail outlets.

Jay Rege

Founder of Paaduks - a social initiative that makes footwear from scrap tyres and uses profits for the welfare of cobblers.