The Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit is designed to give students from High Schools across the world an opportunity to understand social entrepreneurship and empower them to become social entrepreneurs and leaders in their own right.

Day 1: 8 AM to 4 PM

We will kickoff the event with the Keynote speaker followed by a Q&A session. Students will then join their Mentors in their chosen Social Challenge Studios.

Mentors, who themselves run social enterprises, will facilitate the Empathy Stage during which the students will understand their chosen Social Challenge in-depth to identify and observe the needs of those who are affected by this particular social problem.

Day 2: 8 AM to 4 PM

Inspired by the insights gained in the Empathy Stage, the second day will see students Define a clear actionable problem statement. The problem statement will inform the Ideate stage where students give shape to their final ideas and move towards the beginning of the prototyping process of their solution.

Each of the two days, students will share their moments of inspiration in a moderated session led by their Mentors and members from Consilience.

Day 3: 8 AM to 4 PM

Students will Prototype a new and innovative Social Enterprise which addresses their chosen Social Challenge in a sustainable way. Taking into account the Feedback given to them by their Peers and Mentors and their own reflections from the Reflect stage, students will showcase their Social Enterprises to their Peers, Mentors and Social Entrepreneurs, on the third day, which will conclude the Summit.